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Judging people and their potential is an essential aspect of good leadership for which there is no substitute. Consequently, it is a role which leaders must not ignore or carry out in a cavalier fashion.


Why is this responsibility so important? Finding, hiring, and retaining good managers and employees is of course a prerequisite for building any successful organization. At a minimum, it helps get the right people into the enterprise. Moreover, getting the best people in the right jobs, while moving those who are poorly positioned, contributes enormously to the achievement of enterprise goals and objectives.


Unfortunately, many companies are handicapped by patterns of bad judgment in assigning people to their roles or jobs. Consequently, managers often end up expending more of their valued time and energy dealing with poorly placed people than in supporting top performers. Frequently, it interferes with pressing business needs.


Current leaders are often believed to be the best source of finding and developing new leaders. Hence, they are expected to identify high potential talent and to initiate assignments and create experiences that will ultimately develop their capabilities.


Identifying management or leadership potential is itself judgment call. When judging the potential of current or prospective employees, three principal concerns usually stand out?


  To what are they committed?

  Do they possess the essential capabilities?

  Is their character sound?


As you think about your leadership potential and these three criteria, ask yourself:

Do others in my enterprise judge me as a leader on the rise?

Jim Senn

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Jim Senn

Managing Director

Center for Global Business Leadership

Senn speaks and consults extensively on executive management, successful business strategies, corporate innovation, e-business, and on the development, implementation, and management of information technology. He interacts with businesses in many countries and writes regularly about business strategy and high performance organizations. Senn is the author of several leading books on management and information systems, including Information Technology in Business, Information Systems In Management and Analysis and Design of Information Systems. He is listed in Who's Who In Business and Finance and Who's Who In Computer Research .


  • Executive and strategic leadership
  • Leadership development
  • Corporate and competitive strategies
  • International business
  • Information technology strategies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Business transformation
  • Telecommunication & networking strategies


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • M.S., University of Minnesota
  • B.A., Augsburg College 




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